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Post-Op Meme

Well, I'm at home recovering from oral surgery, which both sucks and isn't so bad. In honor of my recovery, here's a meme! New laptop here so I don't have much music on it, so it won't be as random as usual, but here goes anyway!

Jeremiah was a bullfrog...Collapse )

Home Sweet Home

I'm home from Cardston and I'm recovering.

And Halloween is coming up. I'm SO psyched!

To celebrate, here's a meme!Collapse )

Good luck guys!


So I'm leaving for my last practicum on Saturday morning. This is my "goodbye, see y'all in two weeks" meme!

Those were the best my life.Collapse )

I'm Bored Again

Yup. So I'm posting a meme.

Have fun!

Let's lead, not follow!Collapse )

Remember Yesterday...

I'm feeling nostalgic and really happy right now, so I've decided to post a meme!

Warning: Some explicit lyrics behind the cut!

Close my eyes and leap...Collapse )

Happy Heatwave!

I feel like I'm on top of the world, so here's a meme!

Warning: some explicit lyrics behind the cut!

I think I'll try defying gravity...Collapse )

Have fun!


It's way too effing hot in the house. So here's a meme.

Warning: some explicit lyrics behind the cut.

Heat stroke, anyone?Collapse )

Good luck!

Study Break Meme!

So I've decided to take a short study break and do a meme for y'all!

I think I'll try defying gravity...Collapse )

Good luck!


One of the songs in this meme is stuck in my head and I need to get it out, so I'm posting lyrics to it along with a bunch of other songs from the playlist I downloaded last night when a classmate told me to listen to some songs by a certain group.

Yargh!Collapse )

Good luck!