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One Down, Eleven More to Go

It was a tough first week of class, but it's over, and I've got eleven more weeks to look forward to! Now I need a study break, so here's a meme.

You know you're an EMT-A student when...Collapse )

EMT Meme

A meme in celebration of the fact that I got accepted into the EMT-A program at the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services!

Woohoo!Collapse )

Hump Day Meme

Well, since Wednesday is kind of the hump day of the week, I thought I'd post a meme just for shits and giggles. Here goes!

Almost Friday!Collapse )

Now I'm being tough on y'all. All you get is the first two lines of each song. Ha.

Good luck!

I Pray the Lord my Soul to Keep

I'm extremely upset right now and I feel like I'm going to suffocate, so here's a meme to take my mind off of things.

Somebody save me...Collapse )

Trying Something New

For something a little bit different, I decided to start up a whole new type of meme.

Enter if you dare...Collapse )

Good luck!

Mar. 20th, 2007

Being the copycat that I am, I have decided to do as  saturnine_tearsdid and post a love song meme. It shouldn't be too different from my regular memes because that's mostly what I listen to.

Love Song Meme

The title says it all, folks! I'm in a lovey mood today, crushing hard core and totally all fluttery like, and so I'm posting a meme with a bunch of the love themed songs on my playlist. For those that aren't totally love themed, they're songs that remind me of the object of my affections. Teehee!

I honestly love you...Collapse )

Have fun!

Here's to Thursday!

So I'm ticked off and I decided to post a meme. Here goes nothing.

I'll take you down.Collapse )

Have fun mes amis!

Another Monday Meme

Just because it's Monday and I have nothing better to do at the moment. It was either this or watching Miss Congeniality 2. Again.

I blame two of the songs on here, both by the same artist, on a certain someone I hung out with yesterday. She managed to turn me onto said artist and I learned that my GOD I'm easy to manipulate when it comes to music. Then again, I already knew that, if all of the Lordi, Gwar and Lily Allen on my playlist is any indication...

Much love!

Can't touch this.Collapse )

Have fun!