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Musical Memes

My Life is Music

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Welcome to musical_memes!

This is a friendly community where you can post musical memes of every variety! Join up today and start posting! Invite your friends and have fun!


1. Respect each other! Don't diss anyone's music just because you're not a fan. Everyone has a right to listen to and post about what they like, free of discrimination.

2. Please post memes behind an LJ cut!

3. This is a community for all ages. If there is questionable content in your music, please post a short disclaimer before your LJ cut stating the fact.

4. Post as often or as seldom as you like! No pressure! If you want to post a meme or three a day, go nuts! If you just want to hang around and watch the community, or reply to some of the memes in a comment, feel free!

5. Use your LJ username as a tag for your entry, that way you can keep track of all of your posts!


Do I have to tag anyone with my meme?

Nope! You can if you'd like to, but if you'd rather just post to have anyone at all guess the answers, feel free to do that too!

Can I use the same song twice?

Sure! If you use the same song twice in one meme, that might make it a little obvious the second time around, but if you use a song in one meme and then use it again in another, that's completely fine!

Can I guess the songs on other people's memes?

Yes you can! This community was designed especially so all members could comment on each other's memes, guess at the songs, and share their tastes in music.

What if I have a question that isn't posted here?

No problem! Just email the question to me at xiannu@gmail.com. Please put "Musical Memes FAQ" in the subject so I don't just junk the email!

That's all folks! Now then, go forth and post!

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